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Executive Director
Kerrie Jordan

Kerrie Jordan joined NTAHC in 2017 to take on the role of Executive Director of the organisation. Kerrie’s skills stem from a range of personal and professional experience. 

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After a lengthy tenure as a Senior Policy Analyst for the Tasmanian government, Kerrie transitioned to a career in the blood-borne viruses (BBV) sector approximately 6 years ago. This career change was driven by an ambition to work more closely with, and advocate for, marginalised communities, for which Kerrie feels a strong sense of care and compassion due to her own lived experience of sex work and injecting drug use.

Since shifting her career objectives to focus on the BBV sector, Kerrie has worked as a Peer Educator for Scarlet Alliance and as Manager of the Hepatitis Prevention Program in Tasmania.  During this time she also sat on the Board of Scarlet Alliance. 

In 2015, Kerrie relocated from Hobart to Sydney to undertake the role of Manager of Sydney Local Health District’s Harm Reduction Program,  incorporating 3 primary needle and syringe programs (NSPs) and a primary health clinic in Redfern for People Who Inject Drugs (PWID).  In this role, she was instrumental in enhancing the service’s responsiveness to the people who use it and establisning a pathway to Hepatitis C treatment in the NSP setting.

Kerrie looks forward to continuing to care for marginalised communities in the NT in her role as Executive Director, specifically by spearheading an effective and sustained response to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander BBVs/STIs and by highlighting the need for peer-led programs to assist marginalised communities achieve their health goals.

Finance and Compliance Officer
Nezily Mondejar


Born and raised in Manila, Philipines, Nezily “Nezi” Mondejar commenced work with NTAHC in April 2018 as Finance and Compliance officer.

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Nezi's position entails monitoring and evaluating financial management and budget performance and assisting the Executive Director to manage acquittal of funding and risk management activities.  

Nezi has completed a Bachelor of Accounting and is working towards becoming a full member of CPA Australia.

Sianne McLachlan

Executive Assistant
Sianne McLachlan

I have been with the company since 2010. For me working for NTAHC was a blessing I am a transgender woman living in a very small city & it is not an easy option to find a supportive workplace to be accepted into. 

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If there was a place I found it! NTAHC has given me great support and have my back at every turn I mean the Executive Director & the deputy Director took me to Thailand to have my sexchange operation now that’s support at its best!

Since I have been with the organisation I have watched it grow from strength to strength not only with the LGBTIQ community but with everyone who walks these paths. NTAHC has become one of the strongest AIDS councils in Australia our name is everywhere. 

 I hope to be here for a lot longer so come in to reception & say hello I will be the first fabulous face you will see.

Daniel Alderman

Care & Support Coordinator
Daniel Alderman

Daniel has previously worked for the organisation on two other occasions, and he loves his job because he's passionate about helping others and advocating for human rights and social justice.

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Daniel offers peer support and were possible takes the opportunity to break down stigma and discrimination in relation to living with HIV, he is also passionate about GLBTQI rights and equality and believes until we are treated as equal no one is free. 

Care & Support Coordinator
Inez Robinson

I started work at NTAHC in November 2016. Like most people I have done a lot of different types of work and have worked in a range of organisations, as well as having periods of under-employment and unemployment, with periods of travel and study. I have an Arts Degree from CDU and I am interested in more study around developing more counselling skills.

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I work with the Women’s Care and Support Program as an educator around sexual diversity and sexually transmitted illness,  an advocate for women stigmatised or discriminated against in society and in the health system.

I believe that in this country we should all have equal access to health and economic resources.

I like the quote that puts the social determinants of health in terms of your distance from the economic and social mainstream...the further away you are situated from mainstream middle class representations of race, of sexuality or drug use, sex work or age or gender the greater your risk of discrimination and marginalisation in the health and economic system.

It is a challenge and to be visible and represent and advocate for a range of different communities – but it is also a privilege.

Jyoti Jadeja

Alice Springs Program Manager 
Jyoti Jadeja

I possess qualifications in Welfare Work, Management, Community Work, Arts, Drug and Alcohol including Diploma to Master level degree. I joined NTAHC since 2011 and I am very passionate about my work.

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I work extensively in both Care and Support Services to Clients as well as organisational Management. I really enjoy working with people from diverse culture and diverse backgrounds and treat everyone with dignity and respect. I provide case management, advocacy, counselling, peer support activities, information and education and referrals to other support services so if you are in Central Australia and need assistance with BBVs issues you are welcome to come and see me. The other areas of work I am involved with are Health Promotional Campaign and Events, Community Education, Office Management and Harm Minimisation. We are very friendly and welcoming team at NTAHC inclusive of Cultural Competency. 

Harm Reduction Coordinator
Peter Sidaway

Working in the Needle and Syringe Program, I am able to give our Clients a break from the constant fight that is life for a person who injects drugs, by supplying sterile injecting equipment without the judgmental humiliating garbage that PWID suffer in their daily dealing with authority.

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With a history of injecting drug use, I have an insight of the struggle and stigma imposed upon our Clients as a result of the totally misguided, so called “war on drugs”, which treats our fellow citizens as lowlife criminals.
As well as trying to make a difference in our Clients life through the NSP, I believe that drug law reform is the most important aspect of stopping the persecution and incarceration of our Brothers and Sisters who enter the black market due to current stupid laws. Until this changes, I will continue to fight on a political level.

Fiona Clarke

NSP Peer Educator 
Fiona Vanhalen

Fiona is committed to reducing the spread of Blood Borne Viruses such as HIV and hepatitis C by the distribution of sterile injecting equipment and by providing information regarding these diseases.

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My name is Fiona and I work in NTAHC’s Needle and Syringe Program (NSP). I am aware of the stigma attached to people who inject drugs (PWID) and try to always be non-judgmental, be open for a chat if desired and make our clients feel welcome in a confidential setting. 

Shayne Kilford

NSP Officer
Shayne Kilford

I’ve been with the NT AIDS and Hepatitis Council for nearly 15 years. I work with injecting drug users which is never a boring job and I’ve meet some very colourful people during my daily encounters. 

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It’s a shame that drug users are marginalised and stigmatised and I do everything in my power to assist them where ever I can. There is no stereotypical drug user and people would realise that if they worked at the coal face as I do. NTAHC is a great place to work and I enjoy the challenges that are put before me. I enjoy being of assistance to marginalised groups and at NTAHC we provide services for many of them.

I hope to be with NTAHC for many years to come. Since I began with NTAHC, I have now completed my certificate 4 of AOD and I have a Diploma in Community Education.

Peter Sidaway

NSP Officer
Jason Dubbeld

I have been a part of the NTAHC NSP team for over 10years now working with Injecting Drug Users (IDU’s) as a NSP Service Officer. 

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I find the work extremely challenging but surprisingly rewarding helping this marginalized, often stigmatized community group of people. Here at NTAHC we try to find our clients the best treatment options that meet the clients individual needs, weather that is dispensing clean injecting equipment to prevent the spread of BBV’s like HIV and HEP C, medical treatment for the BBV”s as well as BBV testing or referral to withdrawal treatment and ORT Opiate Replacement Therapies. Putting the client’s needs ahead of the judgmental views of the ever changing government is a huge challenge that I enjoy being a part of. 

Health Promotions Officer - Alice Springs 
Sarah Maiorino

Sarah commenced with NTAHC in April 2018 as Health Promotion Officer in Alice Springs. Sarah's role entails facilitating community education sessions with staff from external organisations and the people who access services regarding blood-borne viruses and sexual health. She also assists with the Needle and Syringe Program (NSP).

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Originally hailing from Melbourne, Sarah graduated with Honours with a degree in Social Work from RMIT UNiversity in 2015. She has experience working in a range of community run organisations in Victoria and the Northern Territory, in respite care, case management and community development roles. 

Sarah works strongly from anti-oppressive, intersectional-feminist and strength-based frameworks. She loves working as part of a queer friendly and sex worker positive service that knows how important it is for peers to be front and centre in decision making. She's passionate about equitable access to healthcare and education, regardless of gender, age, ability, cultural background and sexuality and about working from a harm minimisation model.

Sianne McLachlan

SWOP Officers
Hi everyone, we jointly share the Sex Worker Outreach Program (SWOP NT) officers role at NTAHC. Together we have an extensive range of work experience in the adult entertainment industry. Our lived experiences collectively as sex workers includes work as sole operators on the street, privately from hotels, within massage parlours, brothels and escort agencies in various jurisdictions with very different legislation regimes throughout Australia and abroad. 

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These lived experiences as peers and our work experience in Australia and Australasia in Sex Worker Rights, Community Development, Capacity Development & Health Promotion/policy sectors has enabled us as SWOP officers to understand how important it is for all sex workers to be actively engaged together. We are passionate about sex worker rights, decriminalisation of sex work, harm reduction strategies and dissolving the stigma, discrimination and isolation that we as sex workers experience.  We know what it is like to live double lives due to stigma and discrimination and we know what it is like to be isolated. We open pathways for our peers to connect at SWOP to break that isolation. This engagement and connection in SWOP project activities, events and meetings with other workers facilitates solidarity, leadership, contemporary ideas and relevant direction within SWOP NT programming.

We speak publically and advocate with other sex workers for our voices to be heard. We understand the privilege this role brings in being representational in raising the needs of our sex worker community. Our responsibility in the SWOP program is to ensure that any sex worker who engages with the program is enabled to advocate for sex worker rights and better work health & safety outcomes that includes building on skills where required to sell safer sex or for referral of workers to other NTAHC programs.. We have an acute understanding of what our role entails and the responsibility that we have as a peer educators on behalf of our community. 

Communications Officer - Alice Springs
Roland Bull

Originally hailing from rural NSW, Roland has had a diverse work history comprising communications roles in Melbourne, Canberra and Berlin. In 2014 he completed a Master of International Relations at the University of Melbourne but found himself drawn to the public health sector, having long undertaken volunteer work as part of the Victorian AIDS Council’s Outreach program. 

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Currently based in Alice Springs, Roland has been enjoying the close-knit community in Central Australia and learning about the breadth of challenges facing efforts to reduce the instance of blood-borne virus transmission across the Territory. In his role as Communications Officer, Roland seeks to develop new strategies to promote the important work NTAHC undertakes, engaging the general public through events and marketing campaigns and consolidating sponsor relationships.  


Communications Officer - Events & Sponsorship
James Emery

I started volunteering for NTAHC and Darwin Pride Festival back in 2010, I always wanted to work for NTAHC and I finally applied for the role in late 2016 for the Communication's Events and Sponsorship Officer, my experience, dedication and loyalty to the organisation and our community paid off. I am a local to the Territory, I love doing Event and Production Management.

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In 2011 I was nominated for Young Australian of the Year, up against Territory royalty Jessica Mauboy she won :-) but what an honour, I belive it gave me the confidence and acknowledgement to keep doing what I do best. I was nominated by my community for my volunteer work in getting Darwin Pride Festival back up and running.

I worked as an entertainment club manager for 8 years, producing local drag shows and managing a gay nightclub, with weekly events and 30 plus staff to motivate and manage. Since moving on from the hospitality industry I've  started my own Entertainment Company called Drag Territory. In 2016 Drag Territory held Darwin Prides first ever YOUTH event at The Quarter Casuarina.

I am a community leader and have a real passion to bring our community together, using my expertise in events and engaging the whole community, all ages sexes and genders!

I bring fun, my contacts in the event industry and community support to the organisation, Im loving bringing new and exciting events to NTAHC to help raise awareness and money for the non-for-profit organisation.