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International Drug Users Day


Thursday 1st of November
11:00 am to 2:00 pm


Alice Springs and Darwin - see for details

Join us at NTAHC Darwin or in Alice Springs for some food and to get together and have yarn.

ALICE SPRINGS | 11am Picnic | Flynn Church Lawns, Todd Mall

DARWIN | 11am BBQ | 46 Wood St, Darwin City 

International Drug Users Day began as a protest movement, protesting against the lack of treatments & services for drug users in Holland. The government of the day was invited as were any service providers locally. Discussions were held about the sheer lack of services and what drug users needed in order to get on with their lives, receive treatment, receive pharmacotherapy, as well as counselling and other services. The government listened and began putting together a plan to assist drug users. Given the success of this day of action, it was decided that every year at the same time a meeting would occur between drug users and service providers to try and get the mix right in what was needed and what was being provided. Other jurisdictions took note of what was being done in Holland and 4 years on this became a global day of action. Here in Darwin we are providing a venue and offering food and drinks and will be asking service providers and clients to get together to talk and eat.


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