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LGBTI Living Well by NTAHC - Digital Launch


Tuesday 1st of September
12:30 pm to 5:00 pm


NTAHC online platforms

NTAHC’s new community focused program launch; LGBTI Living Well. We are excited to begin a new tradition to accompany the suite of NTAHC programs that are designed to support our priority populations, and the LGBTI communities are a significant component of those populations.

The program is broadly broken down into four main areas:
- Education & Training
- Referral Pathways
- Social & Emotional Wellbeing, and
- Resources
The LGBTI Living Well Program is all about community.

We hope that it goes some way to improve acceptance and social inclusion through delivering timely and relevant educational information to clinicians and other professionals in working with LGBTI people across the lifespan. It’s significant in today’s environment to ensure that people and organisations provide inclusive practice based on decades of social stigma and discrimination faced by LGBTI communities.

Just to give you an idea, did you know that compared to the general population, LGBT young people who experience abuse and harassment are more likely to attempt suicide, and that transgender people are six and a half times more likely to self-harm?

Now, we offer four workshops in the suite of training:
- Sexual & Gender Diversity
- Trans101
- Deconstructing identity: A cultural safety perspective, and
- Silver Rainbow Aged Care Training
Each of these sessions inform on how to be inclusive of LGBTI people in business and in daily life.

We also offer referral pathways for trans people who are trying to affirm their gender and provide social and emotional wellbeing through quarterly catch ups with trans people in a safe environment. Our mentorship program (yet to be launched), will also assist trans people with practical advice and other interventions at no cost.

Some events coming up; we are proudly part of the Darwin Pride Roadshow to Katherine, where we will be conducting our Sexual & Gender Diversity workshop on Saturday 12th September from 930am-12pm. If interested in attending, please register at the following link (places are limited): LINK

Dr Bel will also be appearing at Darwin Pride’s “Community Pride Rainbow Day” in the Trans Community Panel from 2-3pm on September 19. We hope to see you there.
If you are interested in your organisation or group receiving any of our training sessions or want to catch up for any reason, please contact belinda.chaplin@ntahc.org.au or ring 08 8944 7777.

We are here to help.


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