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Hep B Side

Hep B Side is a multimedia resource aiming to create awareness amongst marginalised communities in the NT surrounding testing and treatment of hepatitis B!

A collaboration between clinicians at the Royal Darwin Hospital Liver Clinic, Suresh Sharma and Matthew Maddison, and the team at italk Studios lead by Michael Roseth, the project was funded by the Northern Territory Government and Hepatitis Australia.

Click on the image below to see the video!

Hep B Side consists of a song and animated storyboard containing health promotion messaging in a range of languages to target those most at risk of contracting hepatitis B.

The Hep B Side song was recorded by acclaimed NT artist, Constantina Bush.

The storyboard that follows the song is translated into four Aboriginal languages: Kriol, Yolngu Matha (Djambarrpuyngu), Kunwinjku and Arrernte, in addition to four international languages: Vietnamese, Burmese, Mandarin and Bahasa Indonesia.

These languages were selected because they are all commonly spoken by attendees at the RDH Liver Clinic.

The launch of the resource will be accompanied by widespread publication on social media, primarily via the NTAHC Facebook page. The social media campaign aims to:

  • Encourage testing of Hepatitis B amongst target communities
  • Create awareness surrounding treatment for chronic hepatitis B
  • Encourage those with hepatitis B to seek and be referred for appropriate management of their condition, free from fear or stigma

Hep B Side aims to reach 100 000 Territorians with these messages in the hope that people then attend their clinic or medical centre and get tested for hepatitis B.

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