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Law Reform Info

“Please see attached Law Reform Info kit from sex workers to clarify our position in relation to the discussion paper and to inform  our proposed changes to NT Sex Industry Laws"

Scarlet Alliance has worked closely with SWOP NT to ensure the positions reflect what NT sex workers want.

SWOP NT recommends actions to  "abolish the” Prostitution Regulation Act (licencing model), implement the full decriminalisation of sex work and additionally develop and ratify Work Health and Safety Guidelines for sex workers, a Code of Practice for all Industry stakeholders, and “sex work and sex worker” as attributes for Anti-Discrimination protections.
Please add your voice and technical expertise to continue  support for NT sex workers as we progress our demand for full decriminalisation of sex work for our rights, health and safety.

Full decriminalisation ensures that no worker is left behind and is in line with Australia’s Eighth National HIV Strategy 2018-2022 and  Fourth National Sexually Transmissible Infections Strategy 2018–2022.  http://www.scarletalliance.org.au/library/SA%20NT%20law%20reform%20info%...


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