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Living Positive

Whatever your gender, sexuality, or cultural background, being diagnosed with HIV and or Hepatitis is a big deal. You may experience a range of emotions over the days and weeks ahead. While being diagnosed with HIV or Heaptitis is a challenge, it is not insurmountable. People from all walks of life are living with HIV and other blood borne viruses and enjoying full and actives lives.

If you are positive and living in the NT, we can assist you with legal support, emergency relief funds, information around treatment options for HIV and hepatitis, health and wellbeing, referrals to doctors and clinicians, housing issues, drug use, testing, access to dietician and more.

All discussions are totally private and confidential. Your names are coded information so no one can identify you regarding documentation. We can come to you if you don’t want to visit the Council. Our support groups are fun, engaging, interesting and empowering. It’s great to meet others in similar situations and share advice and support.

If you don’t understand your medical documents we can help you! Sometimes they are complicated and written in medical jargon and we understand that that can be hard to decipher. We have experience in working with people from different and varying backgrounds, so if you are a new migrant, are from the LGBTQI communities, Injecting Drug user, Sex worker, have recently come out of jail we don’t judge you. In fact, we are here for you.



Please go to the link below for the updated Department of Health Factsheets on Hepatitis C Medicines




We have a few booklets that may be of help to you:

Next Steps Booklet

The latest edition of AFAO's Next Steps booklet for people recently diagnosed with HIV is now available.

The booklet covers a range of topics including information on HIV and what it does, adapting at different stages after diagnosis, monitoring how HIV is progressing, and treatments, including when to consider starting treatment.It also covers other areas such as disclosure, sex, having children, rights and obligations, and where to seek support.

Next Steps is in an easy to read format and includes real-life stories shared by people living with HIV about their experiences after their diagnosis.

Hard copies of Next Steps are available from NTAHC. Contact us!

DOWNLOAD a copy of Next Steps (PDF)

Living Well: Women living with HIV Booklet

Women make up more than 2,000 of the almost 30,000 people living with HIV in Australia. While HIV affects everyone differently, women often face particular challenges. Women with HIV are diverse in terms of education, ethnicity, sexuality and where and how they choose to live their lives. There is no ‘typical’ woman with HIV because HIV is a virus that can infect anyone.

DOWNLOAD a copy of LIVING WELL: Women and HIV (PDF)