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NTAHC Free Take Home Naloxone Program

NTAHC Free Take Home Naloxone Program aims to get Naloxone into the hands of people who are likely to witness and respond to an accidental opioid overdose.

Naloxone is a safe lifesaving substance with no known abuse potential that may reverse an opioid overdose.

Naloxone is a schedule 3 and schedule 4 substance that may be accessed with a prescription or purchased over the counter from a Pharmacy.

Naloxone is now available in a best practice nasal spray with the name Nyxoid. The NTAHC does not currently supply Nyxoid due to cost.


To access free Naloxone ampoules from the NTAHC

  • Attend a NTAHC NSP and undergo a brief intervention where NSP staff will assess your competence to administer Naloxone and provide training on responding to an opioid overdose.
  • NSP staff will supply you with a Naloxone kit that consists of 2 needles and syringes, swabs, sharps container and instructions on responding to an opioid overdose.
  • Present the kit to the Palmerston GP Superclinic Pharmacy to receive two free ampoules of Naloxone. NSP staff will attend with you if you prefer.

Alice Springs does not have a participating Pharmacy at the moment. Alice Springs NSP staff can arrange for a Naloxone prescription on attendance.

Responding to an overdose fact sheet



  • Q.  What are the common names of 'opioids'? 
    A.Opioids are a class of pain killers that include morphine (eg  MS Contin, Oxycontin, Endone, Kapanol),  codeine (eg. Panadeine Forte), Fentanyl, methadone and heroin ( aka smack, hammer, etc)
  • Q. Can Naloxone help someone who mixed pills and alcohol?
    A. Naloxone will help if opioids are involved in an overdose
  • Q. How long is Naloxone effective for?
    A. Naloxone takes 2-5 mins to start working and lasts for about 20 mins
  • Q. Where do I store Naloxone in my louvered house in Darwin?
    A. Naloxone can be stored in a cool dry place (it doesn’t have to be in the fridge) and can be stored for up to 2 years
  • Q. If my house/car is inspected by police am I considered a potential drug user and legally be able to be bought in for questioning if I have Naloxone?
    A. It is not illegal to hold Naloxone.  Naloxone is not a drug of delpendence and only works to reverse an opioid overdose
  • Q. Do you, (or anyone in Darwin) give lessons on administering Naloxone correctly?
    A. NSP staff have been trained on how to use Naloxone and education on how to use Naloxone is part of the process to obtain a Naloxone kit.  The NTG Department of Health Alcohol and Others Drugs service run Naloxone  ‘train the trainer’ and community education sessions