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How Do I Remain Safe When Using Drugs?


(also known as Smack, harry, heroin, white horse, white lady, H, gear)

The best idea would be to speak to your local NSP officer, but if that’s not an option at the time here’s some hints for staying safe: Never use alone and always find out the strength of the gear before you use it. Have a small taste first. You can always have more later. Always have everything you need available and in your reach prior to mixing up your drugs. Most importantly do this on a clean space with clean swabbed spoons and other utensils to be used. Make sure you have washed your hands and arms prior to mixing up- think of all the things you have touched before you go to make a mix. Bacteria hangs around on the outside of our skin naturally and needs to be cleaned off properly with soap and water.

The same goes for your mixing space wiping with a clean cloth with disinfectant is good. Swabbing the space can take a while and is not advisable. If you use a tourniquet do not do it up that tight that it cuts of your artery flow as well, as this defeats the purpose. Just loose enough to cut off supply the vein is fine. Avoid injecting into legs and hands as these are smaller veins and likely to burst. Inject into the vein on angle so it doesn’t roll out of the way and remove the tourniquet before pushing in the plunger. Relax, it’s all over. As soon as you can recap your needle so no one else picks it up or uses it. Tidy up your space afterwards. That way it’s ready for the next one.


Also known as Ice, Goey, speed, uppers, go, wizz, rock, meth, crystal,
Your NSP's now have larger mixing cups and filters especially made for 1ml syringes. You should enquire how to use these from your friendly NSP officer. Speed has many forms, the most common of which on the market today is crystal meth. It is (in most cases) stronger than other formulations of the drug and can have you up for 2 days after taking it. Planning is the key. It’s one thing to take it , but another thing to work out what you are going to do with all this extra time and energy. I usually clean my house from top to bottom. Taking more speed before having a sleep can easily bring on psychosis from being awake for 2 or more days. You should seek a safe place to be while the drug wears off.

If you find yourself getting aggressive, just remember it is the drugs talking and not you and try to remain calm. Difficult when all your hormones are heightened, but believe me it’s better than waking up in hospital or something worse. Also, NO, you are not invincible, there is always someone better/bigger than you. Think carefully about you actions before you do something you may later regret. Speed can be a lot of fun also, so please don’t think I’m trying to preach to the unconverted, I’m just adding in some common sense you may or may not have been aware of. The trick is to enjoy the experience and not let the experience rule you.


(Also known as Roids)

Steroids come in various formulations from powders to liquids and are only to be injected intramuscular. Most contain some form of oil, which if this got into your arteries could cause a blockage and the area (usually fingers and toes) would start to deteriorate from lack of blood eventually leading to gangrene. The best place to inject is the upper right or left quadrant of the buttocks. No, your muscles will not get bigger if you inject into your bicep or shoulder muscle or anywhere else. In fact you run more of a risk of injecting into a vein or artery if you do.

Always use a long gauge needle about 1 ¼” size (23 gauge) to inject with. Don’t be shy about talking with other body builders about their experiences and steroids before trying them on yourself. There is no magic cure to make you big. It’s a lot of hard work and eating correctly is what does it.