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Who Are We ?

Sex Worker Outreach Program - Northern Territory (SWOP NT)
SWOP NT is a peer based health promotion service that engages sex workers and other sex industry stakeholders within the Northern Territory to work safely with competence in knowledge of the industries legal and Work Health & Safety requirements.

We advocate to reduce stigma and discrimination against all sex workers via information sessions to health and legal sectors to ensure access, equity and human rights for all sex workers is respected. Our peer-led program delivers outreach, safer sex supplies, resources, training, advocacy, referral, solidarity, advocacy, and support.

SWOP publishes a magazine collaborated by sex workers for sex workers and facilitates six weekly (SWRG) Sex Worker Reference Group confidential sex worker only meetings in Darwin

The SWOP project is a member of Scarlet Alliance Australian Sex Workers Association and is located within (NTAHC) Northern Territory AIDS & Hepatitis Council, Darwin, as a NTAHC program that delivers peer services across the Territory

What are some of the areas SWOP NT is able to help you with?

SWOP NT can help you with;

Connecting you directly to other sex workers, we offer free, non-judgmental services to ALL people who engage in sex work in the NT. Our program is staffed in NTAHC's Darwin office by past and current sex workers. We are fortunate to have sex workers with varied lived experiences and skills working with us as volunteers. Collectively our extensive knowledge and experience in the sex industry together enables SWOP NT to be an open and actively engaging as a program.

Sex Worker friendly referrals - We have a fantastic list of referral agencies and organisations that has evolved over many years of sex workers ongoing evaluation of service providers, we not only have a list of the best "current" areas for referrals but we also have a list of best "current" contact persons within those services to connect to.

SWOP Officers and volunteers assist in the provision of Outreach Services to sex industry workplaces, that includes street areas, agency and hotel premises. If you work late at night we may miss you due to close of business (COB) office hours and or if you are a worker who is not comfortable to come to our office and would prefer to meet up for coffee or lunch in Darwin City then we can we can arrange to meet ouside of these hours by pre-appoinment.

SWOP NT publishes a zine "Red Light Rites" collaborated by sex workers for sex workers and facilitates six weekly confidential sex worker only meetings in Darwin known as Sex Worker Reference Group (SWRG) meetings. Throughout the year we also hold events to raise awareness about issues that affect sex workers, acknowledge days of significance and hold sex worker small group hook ups with various areas of our industry and events to promote solidarity and inclusiveness.

Training to other service providers to create a better understanding of sex worker issues for improved access and equity. Feel free to contact us if you work for a service that would benefit from our workplace training.

Please come in and say hi, pick up a free worker pack and have a tea or coffee. We would love to meet you!

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