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Sex Worker Friendly Referrals

Sex Worker Friendly Referrals

We have complied a fantastic list of referral agencies and organisations that has evolved over many years from ongoing input and evaluation by sex workers, we not only have a list of  "current" areas for referrals but we also have a list of  "current" contact persons within services and organisations relative to the sex industry.

We can provide recommendations for sex worker friendly doctors, accountants, reproductive health practitioners, testing, treatment and support services  for Blood Borne Virus's (BBV's) and Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI's), legal services, a Police Liaison Officer, counsellors, Sexual Assault and Work Place Health & Safety agencies.

At NTAHC along with SWOP NT, there are other programs that SWOP is able to connect you to whether it be inter-agency referral services or a crossover of areas for peer support. For example; Care & Support services in NTAHC run support groups for people who live with Blood Born Viruses, Women Who Inject Drugs workshops and meetings, a women’s' support group, a RESPEC+ Course and program, NSP have activities for people who use drugs, just to highlight a few areas that sex workers through NTAHC have been able to access and contribute to.

If you are a professional who works within medical, legal, counselling, or other Workplace Health & Safety areas and would like the opportunity to be assessed as a sex worker friendly contact, we would be more than happy to meet with you. We ensure new referrals have an opportunity to access our SWOP NT in-service training that enables an overview of sex workers needs in the territory whilst highlighting areas that build barriers to sex workers ability to access equitable support and services.