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How can I work legally in the NT?


What you need to Know!

"sex workers are challenged by mandatory lifelong police registration if working at a registered escort agency. Sex Workers are able receive in calls of clients to a hotel room and out-calls to the clients accommodation.

Private sex workers must work alone.

Sex workers who are not registered with an agency who work with another privately in a hotel room or other accommodation and or as street or opportunistically by soliciting as workers are criminalized"


Know your legal requirements under the Northern Territory Prostitution Regulation Act, 1992.

The bare basics of working legally

Two areas are legal to be able to provide sexually explicit services in the Northern Territory

As a sex worker you are legally able to work;

within a registered Escort Agency
privately – as a sole operator

There are specific conditions for both areas of work that includes;

Escort agency workers;

must register with the Police
are able to work alongside another worker in the same area with a client/s
have benefits of security, reception, driver, advertising covered via chosen Agency as percentage of $ of work

Private Workers as sole operators

must only work out of serviced hotel rooms for in calls
are able to do out calls to clients accommodation
Only work alone, with no receptionist, driver, security or other worker

Further details for Northern Territory Sex Industry Rights and Obligations - Connects you to information that is an interpretation of the Northern Territory Prostitution Regulation Act, 1992 - for people involved in the sex industry. 

It is not to be used as legal advice. Any questions should be directed to SWOP NT on 08 8944 7707