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I Work Remotely! How Can I Connect- Get Support ?

I Work Remotely! How Can I Connect/Get Support?

At our office within NTAHC we offer a safe confidential space for sex workers to access or be referred to services whether face to face or by telephone. If you are working remotely, we are able to connect you with sex worker friendly services in your area. NTAHC has an office in Alice Springs where they can provide you with safer sex supplies and contacts to support you if required.

Unfortunately SWOP NT only has officers in Darwin who provide support for the whole of the NT, we do however travel to Alice Springs for 1-2 weeks a year. The good news is "sex workers are everywhere" so we may be able to buddy you up with another worker to minimise isolation. There is nothing like having another person to speak to discuss issues and share knowledge with over a coffee :)

"Mentors & buddy's” SWOP NT is aware that very few sex workers who work in the Northern Territory have the privilege to discuss topics about work outside of the industry. Sex workers are fantastic peer educators as their wealth of knowledge specific to Work Health and Safety standards, SWOP Officers can facilitate another worker who can volunteer their time to ensure that new workers have a mentor to ask questions to when SWOP officers are unavailable.

Our networks of past and current sex workers within our communities are able to assist you to connect with others who are in a position to offer a deeper understanding of specific issues as lived experiences. As sex workers, we are diverse in gender, sexuality and spirituality, also our cultural, privileged and disadvantaged backgrounds can provide relative advice and information. SWOP NT is a space to connect, form working groups, advocate with others and share our differences at state and national levels. We can help you create your own network of peers.