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Generic infographic factsheet_NTAHC


Australia is leading the way for a NOhep future
References: World Health Organization 2015; Kirby Institute Annual Surveillance Report 2015.
each year

The World Health Organization aims to eliminate viral hepatitis by 2030
• 213,000 with hep B
• 230,000 with hep C

There has never been a better
time to treat viral hepatitis

Your GP can prescribe medicines:
• To control hep B
• To cure 9-in-10 people with hep C
Talk to your doctor about treatment
Let’s work together to make the elimination of viral hepatitis our next greatest achievement
For more information call the national hepatitis information line
1800 437 222 (1800 HEP ABC)
1 in 2 with hep B don’t know
1 in 4 with hep C don’t know
Talk to your doctor
about being tested
1/2 million
Are you one of Australians living with viral hepatitis?

Many Aussies Don’t know they’re living with viral hepatitis

Talk to your doctor about treatment options

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