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Responding to an Opoid Overdose

An educator from St John’s Ambulance spoke at the International Overdose Awareness Day Presentation.
He was able to clarify two points that have been of concern to some NSP clients.

1. St John Ambulance DO NOT automatically inform police when attending an overdose. However, if on arrival they feel they are in danger they will request police back-up.
2. The decision to call the police to an overdose is often made by the 000 Communications officer upon receiving the emergency call reporting an overdose. They do this by evaluating what they hear during the call. For example:
• If the caller is aggressive or threatening to the Emergency Operator or
• If the Emergency Operator can hear sounds of violence and/or aggression in the background while the call is being made.

Harm Reduction NT reminds PWID to always call 000 in case of an overdose and to show respect to the Communications Officer, Paramedics and Police .


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