Next Steps Booklet

The latest edition of AFAO's Next Steps booklet for people recently diagnosed with HIV is now available.

The booklet covers a range of topics including information on HIV and what it does, adapting at different stages after diagnosis, monitoring how HIV is progressing, and treatments, including when to consider starting treatment.It also covers other areas such as disclosure, sex, having children, rights and obligations, and where to seek support.

Living Positive

Whatever your gender,sexuality, or cultural background, being diagnosed with HIV and or Hepatitis is a big deal. You may experience a range of emotions over the days and weeks ahead. While being diagnosed with HIV or Heaptitis is a challenge, it is not insurmountable. People from all walks of life are living with HIV and other blood borne viruses and enjoying full and actives lives.

Women and HIV Booklet

Women make up more than 2,000 of the almost 30,000 people living with HIV in Australia. While HIV affects everyone differently, women often face particular challenges.

Women with HIV are diverse in terms of education, ethnicity, sexuality and where and how they choose to live their lives. There is no ‘typical’ woman with HIV because HIV is a virus that can infect anyone.