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What is hep C?
Hep C is a blood-borne virus that causes infl ammation of the liver. Approximately 30% of people who become infected with hep C “clear” the virus from their body during the fi rst 6 months of getting hep C. They will no longer have hep C, but this does not mean that they cannot get hep C again in the future.
For those who do not clear the virus, hep C becomes a chronic condition which may lead to cirrhosis and liver cancer.
In Australia, it is estimated that over 230,000 people are living with chronic hepatitis C.

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Australia is leading the way for a NOhep future
References: World Health Organization 2015; Kirby Institute Annual Surveillance Report 2015.
each year

The World Health Organization aims to eliminate viral hepatitis by 2030
• 213,000 with hep B
• 230,000 with hep C

There has never been a better
time to treat viral hepatitis

Injecting MS Contin

MS Contin, a sustained release oral morphine tablet, is not designed for injecting. MS Contin contains insoluble materials, including wax-like polymers. Injecting MS Contin can result in serious disease and injury.
NTAHC does not wish to encourage or promote the injecting of MS Contin or other drugs, but has produced this resource to assist those who do choose to inject it, to better assess and reduce the risks to their health.