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What does NTAHC do?

NTAHC delivers a range of programs aimed at preventing the transmission of blood borne viruses (BBVs) and provides support for people living with a blood borne virus. Programs are delivered in urban and remote communities via health promotion and one on one care and support.

We work with peers

It's the best way to make sure our programs work. NTAHC staff are recruited from within the priority populations with which we work. As a result NTAHC staff have a full understanding of the needs of the people they service.

SWOP NT employs past and current sex workers who understand what the needs and issues are for sex workers and other workers within the sex industry in the NT. We have unique issues for workers in the NT, newly arrived sex workers come to us for WHS information, to connect, to be involved in SWOP and if new to the industry also access new worker training.

Our Care & Support team recognise that anyone is vulnerable to HIV and hepatitis, so our staff are highly trained in cultural diversity and are empathetic and passionate about helping clients with medications, health, life issues and more.

Our NSP's are run by people who have injected drugs at some stage in their lives. They understand what are the priorities are for people who inject drugs, and want to support them, treat them with dignity and respect and deliver sterile equipment without judgement. This way people come back because they feel accepted.

All of our information brochures and campaigns are focus tested by peers to make them as effective as possible.

We run events that are uniquely inclusive of our priority populations. People love returning to NTAHC events, they always have a special vibe about them and people enjoy being a part of our community.