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NTAHC can advocate on your behalf

NTAHC can speak or write in favor of you; support or argue for you, on your behalf, if you feel wrongly treated and we agree that it's unlawful or wrong. Here's some examples:

  • 'I came out as a Sistergirl on my community and some people bashed me up''
  • I told my workmates I was HIV positive and they asked me to not use the shared kitchen'
  • 'I told the doctor I am a sex worker and he treated me like scum'
  • 'I went to get some sterile syringes and the health workers looked at me like I was a bad person'
  • 'I went to get PEP at the Emergency at the hospital and they judged me for having sex without a condom'
  • 'I told my Dad that I was a lesbian and he kicked me out of home'
  • 'The doctor wouldn't give me medication when he saw my track marks'
  • 'The doctor didn't understand the difference between HIV and AIDS'

You don't deserve to be treated like that.

Please let us know if you have experienced anything negative related to your blood borne virus status, your gender or sexuality, your injecting drug use. You can call us or email us or you can tell us here. Write what happened in the text box below and click 'Send'

You can check 'I want to remain anonymous' if you want, or you can give us the safest way for us to make contact with you.


Tell us what happened

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please give us whatever details you'd like. Any information you give us will remain private and confidential.