NTAHC Ambassadors


NTAHC Ambassadors are people who recognise the importance of raising awareness around blood borne viruses (BBVs) and Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs).

NTAHC Ambassadors are formal representatives of NTAHC who have the knowledge, skills, attributes and determination to influence Territorians to engage in safe sexual practices and regular testing.


To become an NTAHC Ambassador you must demonstrate that you:

  • Stand up, speak out and act to prevent BBV and STI transmission.
  • Have an understanding of the issue of BBVs and STIs, and the importance of safe sexual practices and regular testing.
  • Currently engage and influence men in the prevention of men’s violence against women
  • Have undertaken the formal Ambassador approval process including:

NTAHC Ambassadors represent NTAHC in their communities by undertaking some of the following activities that suit their knowledge, skills, networks and availability:


  • Wearing their Ambassador badge and engaging in regular conversations about preventing men’s BBV and STI transmission
  • Hosting, funding, speaking and/or attending awareness raising and fundraising events
  • Professional and personal networking to expand the reach of the NTAHC health promotion messages
  • Promoting the NTAHC health promotion messages through social media in accordance with NTAHC’s  Media Policy
  • Promoting community involvement in NTAHC events



Our Ambassadors: