Ask For a Test

NTAHC developed this Indigenous BBV and Sexual Health Campaign with Brett Trindle, the former NTAHC Aboriginal Sexual Health Worker in Alice Spring. Brett consulted with and surveyed Aboriginal people in Central Australia. The consultation process revealed low levels of BBV and Sexual Health awareness and literacy within Alice Springs and the surrounding Aboriginal communities. Brett worked with Central Australian Aboriginal Congress, to develop the attached campaign.

The ‘ASK for a Test’ Indigenous Campaign has been focus-tested with urban and remote Indigenous people in both Darwin and Alice Springs. Feedback from a diverse field ranging from young Indigenous women to elders of communities, as well as Indigenous Sexual Health Workers, has been incorporated into this campaign poster series. The posters have been produced for distribution to remote AMS and health services. We have also printed them in A1 size and postcard sizes.

Congress in Central Australia has endorsed the series, and we would like these to be available to your organization as well. We can redesign the posters with your own contact details on them. We can negotiate a fee that is suitable. Ring NTAHC on 08 8944 7777 and ask for the Communications Co-ordinator for more information or email