Harm Reduction- Syringes Safe Handling & Disposal

This is a best practice practical education session aimed at anyone who may come into contact with sharps (injecting equipment) in their environment.

The session covers :

  • What to do when you find an uncapped syringe (sharp or needle stick)
  • How to dispose of sharps safely?
  • What to do if needle stick injury (skin is punctured) occurs?
  • Then what?

This session is designed to be delivered in the workplace can be tailored for individual workplaces in the community, residential, business, hospitality and service industries. Can include 'What is the value of Harm Reduction' and 'Why Harm Reduction Approach'

Audience: Health workers, police, people working in custodial settings, cleaning industry, parks and wildlife workers, public servants, people in charge of public spaces, event managers,Workplace Health & Safety, AOD services, landlords.

More Info: Call the Harm Reduction Coordinator on 08 8944 7777.


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