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RESPEC+ Positive Speakers

RESPEC+ speakers attend formal training workshops to learn the skills of public speaking. The workshops are held over a two day period and are facilitated by a qualified trainer. All speakers are paid a fee for their time.

The areas of training include:

  • Effective communications and adult learning technique
  • STI and HIV courses including international and national epidemiology
  • HIV and Mental Health well being
  • Individual coaching
  • Media coaching, digital multimedia and presentation training

The RESPEC+ Speakers talks are informed by:

  • The Northern Territory Center for Disease Control
  • The National HIV and STI strategies
  • The Ottawa and Bangkok Charters of Health promotion
  • The UNAIDS GIPA Principle - The Greater Involvement if People Living with HIV and those affected by HIV and AIDS

Quotes from a participants:

“Wow! this training was so … great "

"Stigma and Discrimination can stop us speaking out I challenged my fears, learnt to plan, draft and speak clearly to impart key messages to share and educate as a public speaker. Previous to this training I “winged it”, that sometimes went ok and other times not so well".

To become a RESPEC+ team member the first requirement is to complete the online application or print and bring it into the office. Once the application has been received an interview time will be allocated for successful applicants to go through the program an its requirements. Please see application form attached.

More quotes:

"I have learnt to recognise what is relevant in my story to speak of and what is not as useful so I am able to hopefully assist others who have not had similar experiences to be understanding of all of our differences."

''This two day course enabled me to focus on telling my stories, by channelling my relevant lived experiences into a short story for public speaking engagements. Am now linked up with others who have undergone this training to enter into the NTHAC public Speakers Program”



RESPECT Online Appilcation Form

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