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How Can I Be Involved In Sex Workers Rights?

Sex Worker Reference Group Meetings SWRG

SWOP has skill share workshops at our Sex Worker Reference Group Meetings (SWRG) where different workers are able to work on activities, projects or present on an area to share with everyone who comes along. We are also able to connect you into other sub groups/ closed internet lists and pages/ working parties in SWOP that connect up on law reform, legal resources, and a closed peer only informal drug users forum.

SWRG Legal Working Party

SWOP NT has a legal working party that you as a worker can join from afar or connect up at SWOP Office face to face. The working party has come about to assist SWOP NT to further evaluate and collate information for legal resource development, grant submissions, media releases, Advocacy messages in art-T/Shirts, T/Towels-Postcards and Submissions to Parliamentary inquiries.

SWOP NT Newsletter - "Red Light Rites"

Contribute your lived experiences as a sex worker to editions of the "Red Light Rites" newsletter. By sex workers for sex workers the newsletters are disseminated to workers across the Territory. We pop in artwork, latest stories, book reviews about sex work, media reviews, what sex workers have been up to as well as relevant National and International x over of articles by other workers.

SWOP NT - Pop Up Education Events and Q and A panels - Its Team work!

SWOP NT organises pop up education events to showcase sex worker developed resources, information and NTAHC brochure of services. We aim to reduce stigma and discrimination against us as sex workers by engaging directly with people who wish to speak to us about sex work to enable an awareness of issues that are negatively impacting on sex workers ability to work safely in the Northern Territory. The stalls have proven to be invaluable for accessing new workers and in being able to share referrals to other NTAHC services for people to be aware of how to prevent BBV's and STI's and or acess safer sex and safer injecting equipment, culturally specific sexual health and care and support services.

SWOP NT also has a list of people who as past or current sex workers are willing to speak alongside SWOP Officers in representation for meetings with politicians, other service providers, education session delivery to health practitioners and legal and or media. We have formed a list of workers for panel work Q and A for people to ask questions. From being a part of education as a speaker at meetings, education events, within planning at our SWRG meetings, to set up to being at the stall and pack down there is always an area to be involved in.

Scarlet Alliance Australian Sex Worker Association - membership

SWOP NT is a member of Scarlet Alliance Sex Worker Association which is our National Peak Body for us as past and current sex workers. We can connect you to other sex workers and sex worker activities and advocacy on a national level as well. Download a membership form and bring it in to us to discuss how you can become an individual member. Every Year SWOP NT as a voting peer program member, sends two delegates to attend the Scarlet Alliance National Forum

National and International Conferences as a space for Sex Worker issues

Every year National and International Conferences enable spaces where sex worker leadership in peer education, advocacy strategies and contemporary ideas in line with our industry trends in WHS and law reform that prevents the transmission of BBV's and STI's are platformed from within our communities in these important educational spaces. SWOP NT officers and volunteers with experience in this area are able to connect you to information for scholarship applications, support with abstract submissions/writing, presentations both oral and poster-work, any prep or practice work for presenting and or audio recording to be able to send through your voice rather than present physically to conferences and forums. SWOP is able to assist with workshop ideas, submissions and development, with presentation work to other sex workers and to submit to apply for presentation work at our National sex worker only space forum for all sex workers across Australia facilitated and organised by Scarlet Alliance as our peak body.