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Who Are We ?

The Sex Worker Outreach Program - Northern Territory (SWOP NT)

SWOP NT is a peer-based health promotion service that engages sex workers and other sex industry stakeholders in the Northern Territory. SWOP NT enables sex workers to gain knowledge about the Nothern Territory's legal and Work, Health & Safety requirements. SWOP NT is a member of the Scarlet Alliance Australian Sex Workers Association. We are located within the Northern Territory AIDS & Hepatitis Council (NTAHC), Darwin. Email SWOP NT direct SWOPNT@ntahc.org.au 

What are some of the areas SWOP NT can help you with?

Provision of safer sex supplies. Our SWOP Shop stocks affordable safer sex products in the NTAHC Darwin office. Products are available for purchase in a discreet and non-judgemental environment and include condoms and femidons, lubricant (water-based and silicone), massage products, gloves and dental dams.

Connecting you directly to other sex workers. We offer free, non-judgmental services to all people who engage in sex work in the NT. Our program is staffed in NTAHC's Darwin office by past and current sex workers. We are also fortunate to have sex workers with varied lived experiences and skills working with us as volunteers. Collectively our extensive knowledge and experience in the sex industry enables SWOP NT to be an actively engaging program. Every 6 weeks, we hold Sex Worker Reference Group (SWRG) meetings. These meetings are open to sex workers only, are entirely confidential and have proven to be a wonderful way to meet peers, engage with the sex worker rights movement and participate in decision-making, while staying informed about issues affecting our community, both within the NT and nationally.

Sex worker-friendly referrals. We maintain a fantastic list of referral agencies and organisations that has evolved over many years of ongoing evaluation of service providers. This allows SWOP NT to communicate appropriate referrals, along with best contact information, as necessary.

Outreach services. SWOP NT staff and volunteers assist in the provision of Outreach Services to sex industry workplaces.  We understand that everyone works differently, and are happy to visit you in your work location, whether that be a street area, agency or hotel premises. Our service operates during regular office hours, but we can arrange to meet you outside of these hours or off-premises with sufficient notice (24 hours).

Information and events. SWOP NT collates a quarterly publication entitled Red Light Rites, which is compiled by sex workers, for sex workers. Throughout the year, we hold events to raise awareness about issues that affect sex workers and acknowledge days of significance to promote solidarity and inclusiveness.

Training to other service providers. SWOP NT provides training to stakeholders in the NT, with a view to reduce stigma against, and advance understanding of, sex worker issues. Our overall objective is to improve access and equity to services for sex workers living in the NT. Feel free to contact us if you work for a service that would benefit from our workplace training.

Our service is open to all sex workers, past and present. Please feel free to drop into our office Tuesday - Friday, grab a free worker pack and have a tea or coffee. We would love to meet you!

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