Sisters & Brothers NT

Sisters & Brothers NT is an advocacy and support group that celebrates gender, intersex and sexuality diversity. Our aim is to create a society where diversity is respected and understood across cultures. By providing a safe space for Sistergirls, Brotherboys, Indigenous and non-Indigenous LGBTIQ people to come together, we can develop a stronger community, create social change and address issues of racism, sexism, homophobia and gender inequality. This series was made in partnership with NTAHC and the Alice Springs Women's Shelter.

ALICE SPRINGS WOMEN’S SHELTER: or call 08 8952 6075

Advocacy and consultation

Sisters and Brothers NT have an extensive team of individuals whom are strong advocates, role models and community leaders. We are ready to collaborate with other organisations in order to express the issues that are affecting our community and problem solve ways in which to address them. Our advocactes come from diverse backgrounds and their vast experience offers a wide perspective, including young leaders as well as elders. Please contact us if you’d like to consult with members or particular demographics within our community.

Sisters & Brothers NT has produced the following resources, which are free to distribute, share, and reprint but may not be altered without consent.

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